District Youth Council

Mission of the District Youth Council

We are working to translate youth voice into actions by providing connections between the school board, school, administration, and the student body.

DYC facilitates projects that attempt to better the educational experience of Northfield students and open up communication for everyone. We are currently in our second year of existence and hope that school board members, the high school community and the Northfield community as a whole feel comfortable and welcome sharing their thoughts and opinions with us. We attempt to have a representative attend each school board meeting to keep lines of communication open.

District Youth Council Members (2018-2019)


Eyely Baker
Anders Johnson
Eliasn Lawler
Kasey Mohlke
Abby Mulcahey
Ethan Schaffer
Luke Wiskus
Joseph Zuccolotto


Aydn Math
Christina Narveson
Jack Rizzo
Kaia Schomburg
Alice Zhang


Michael Malecha
Meera Pattanayak
Chloe Rozga

Adult Advisors

Dr. Matt Hillmann, Superintendent Northfield School District
Dr. Ellen Iverson, Northfield School District School Board
Meleah Follen, Northfield Healthy Community Initiative