Mayor’s Youth Council

What is the Mayor’s Youth Council?

The Mayor’s Youth Council consists of local high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Mayor’s Youth Council members are selected to serve on two-year terms or until they graduate from high school. The members do not receive monetary compensation.

Charges of the Northfield Mayor’s Youth Council (Resolution #2006-033)

  • Assist with the identification of issues important important to Northfield young people.
  • Work with community partners and other youth initiatives to help design and implement solutions to address opportunities and areas of concern.
  • Provide youth perspectives on relevant issues to the mayor, council members and other groups.
  • Assure a youth voice in civic affairs.

What Does The Mayor’s Youth Council Do?

  • Candidate Forum for high school students with local candidates (Mayor, City Council at-Large, School Board)
  • Volunteer at various city activities throughout the school year
  • Youth Vote at the high school every election cycle
  • Keep Northfield youth updated on relevant local issues
  • Wrote the successful application to have Northfield named as one of the “100 Best Communities for Young People” by America’s Promise
  • Presents a free monthly movie at the high school open to all in our community. Admission and concessions are free. Click here to see upcoming dates and times.

Mayor’s Youth Council Members (2018-2019)


Athziri Marcial Rodriguez
Celia Meagher
Dan Nelson
Audrey Pagel
Angelo Perez
Caroline Pritchard
Sam Ryden
Molly Stevens
Eli Voland


Celine Falcon Geist
Angie Oscal Orrego
Caroline Peterson
Isabella (Ella) Schmidt
Logan Wells


Greenlee Dahle
Anders Larson
Riley Ledman
Ryan Malecha

Staff Liaisons

Mayor Rhonda Pownell, City of Northfield
Meleah Follen, Northfield Healthy Community Initiative