Non-Profit Boards

Northfield Area Family YMCA Board of Directors oversees all the governance functions for the organization.

  • Lisette Salgado
  • Jake Wiebe

Northfield Arts Guild

  • Addie Nelson
  • David Shelby

Northfield Healthy Community Initiative youth serve as elected board members overseeing all aspects of this organization.

  • Willy Conde
  • Elsa Hoff
  • Anna Kochevar
  • Olive Omoro
  • Athena Pitsavas

Northfield Historical Society Board of Directors

  • Logan Ledman
  • Clara Peterson

Northfield SHARES Board

  • Irvin Corona
  • Anna Weber

Women in Northfield Giving Support (WINGS)

  • Skyla Rech
  • Thyme Thornton