Youth On Boards

Youth on Boards Calendar Meet the 2020-21 Youth on Boards

Northfield offers a unique opportunity for youth to get involved in local government, make change, and help give youth a louder, and more-often-heard voice. Opportunities include the Mayor’s Youth Council and the District Youth Council, as well as serving on City of Northfield Boards and Commissions and local non-profit boards.

Mayor’s Youth Council works with the Mayor of Northfield to identify issues important to Northfield young people and help design and implement solutions. They provide a youth voice in civic affairs, advising both the mayor and city council.

District Youth Council helps gather and provide youth input to the Northfield Public Schools and Northfield School Board.

City of Northfield Boards and Commissions

Non-Profit Boards

Robert’s Rules of Order

  • Click here for an overview on how committees operate using Robert’s Rules of Order and watch the video below.