Youth First is a collaborative effort to ensure that Northfield is a great place for all youth to live and grow up. It is a partnership between Healthy Community Initiative, the City of Northfield, and Youthprise, and it’s a flagship initiative of Northfield Promise.

Youth First has three components:

  • Youth Engagement
  • Youth Future
  • Youth Health

Youth Engagement

Our community is stronger when young people have seats at our decision-making tables. Through two innovative programs – YouthBank and Youth on Boards – local youth have their voices heard and are actively engaged in civic life.
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Youth Future

As a community, we strive to position ALL young people for success after high school. Youth Future provides resources related to career exploration and planning and facilitates connections between youth, parents, and employers.
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Youth Health

Through collaborative efforts, Youth Health provides resources necessary to support the physical, social, and emotional well-being of our community’s youth. Key partners in this effort are the Northfield Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention (N-ASAP) and the Rice County Chemical and Mental Health Coalition.
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